Archaeology in East Oxford

Test Pit Planning Workshop

On Thursday we had a meeting at ArkT about test pits as the digging season approaches. There was a mixture of people covering the spectrum from those with experience of test pits to complete newcomers. Jane gave an introductory talk describing some of the work we had done last year, illustrated by a number of slides, including one of some particularly wet archaeologists in Iffley (Leigh had just sloped off to do time in the – dry – Ashmolean as part of the ‘Archaeology Week’ events when the picture was taken). She also described some of the test pits (and slightly more than test pits) that we’ve got penciled in and then divided us into (initially) four groups to look at the various explanatory documents given to people who have expressed an interest. It was very useful to have the input of the newcomers as they were able to say “What does that mean?” and “shouldn’t you start by saying …?”. Notes were taken to be typed up and then uploaded to Jane who will try and make some sense of them.

Our (somewhat depleted - I had gone to the Finds Washing group & Leigh was taking the photo) group

I spent most of my time in a separate group, created after we had had a bit of time doing the initial discussion, discussing finds washing. Jo, the new CBA bursary person (we’ve got to come up with something slightly snappier than that mouthful!), took notes and is writing them up. We definitely need a simpler document than the cut-and-paste document that Jane gave us!



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