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Talks & Maps – continued

Strange sort of first half to February; we seem to have been really busy, but when I look at the diary then there were only about 4 entries. I must have been doing a lot of stuff in between!

On Tuesday 6th we went to Rewley House to see Paula give a talk, on behalf of OAHS (the Oxfordshire Architectural & Historical Society), on ‘Later Prehistoric and Romano-British Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs’, based on her doctoral thesis. Really interesting & Paula managed to ignore the seeming random workings of Powerpoint – the slides kept on changing for no apparent reason. I’m looking forward to the book, but as it’s a subject which lends itself to lots of photos, she says she is having a real struggle getting all the copyright issues sorted out. It was also a chance to say goodbye to Paula as she is moving on – I’m sure I speak for everyone on the project when I say how sorry we all are to see her go, and wish her all the best – though I’m sure we’ll see her again as she still has work in Oxford.

I was down at the OHC again to meet Graeme & Christopher to do some photography & research – it turned out (for me at least) to be mainly photography. I did find some references to more enclosure maps, so next time I go there I’ll check them out – in the on-line catalogue there are also a load of references to”Enclosure Award”s; nothing more, so each one will have to be pulled out to check what they are actually all about. I’ll be back sometime next week to take some photos to fill in the gaps in the series – I need to take close-ups of the folded map to avoid all the cracks, joins and missing bits in the rolled up map. I need the extra photos as I’m using the tracing I did as a template to morph the close-up photos I’ve taken, restoring the correct x-y coordinate relationship which was lost as the camera was not exactly parallel to the map when the photos were taken. Using the photos gives me a lot more fine detail than the tracing – there is a limit to how often one can sharpen even a 6H pencil without losing one’s marbles!

On the 14th Gill & I went to the ArkT Centre to meet Hazel, who manages the Centre, so she could take us through the procedure for locking up the centre as we are going to be responsible (with lots of help) for doing it for Jamie’s talk on the 23rd.We also picked up the remaining unwashed Bartlemas finds (they half fill a small box – not enough to organise another finds washing event) and the still damp finds from the last finds washing session. The shed is pretty damp in this sort of weather so we thought we’d take the stuff home to dry it and bag it up. Gill will be reporting back on how that’s going and the next step in the finds sorting & reporting procedure – volunteers will be needed!


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One thought on “Talks & Maps – continued

  1. Christopher Lewis on said:

    Hi Leigh

    I’m not 100% certain, so check with the archivists – if a reference starts with ‘PAR’ and then a number, it’ll be a document from the parish records for that parish ~ there is a list relating numbers to parishes. Should save you some time!


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