Archaeology in East Oxford

Bartlemas Chapel small finds

On the same evening when Leigh gave his talk on Bartlemas Chapeltrench 1, I did a short presentation on some of our small finds. I started with some of the Civil War items as the chapel was a parliamentarian camp at that time. We found many pipes of the period and several unused musket balls – probably made from the lead they tore fom the chapel roof.

We also found a piece of a ‘Bellarmine’ jug (centre in the above picture) which probably came from Bartlemas Farmhouse which was an inn then. That fact probably saved it from the damage suffered by the other buildings on site. The sherd shows the stamped side of the jug. There would have been a caricature of a face on the neck.

The pictures below show a sixteenth or seventeenth century Nuremberg jetton as used for arithmetic on a chequerboard in goverment offices(hence Chancellor of the Exchequer). Our jetton is probably one of the cheaper sort used as gaming counters (like poker chips).

We also found a piece of what one of the visiting experts said was Anglo-Saxon pottery towards the bottom of trench 2. It was associated with floors on quite a different alignment to the chapel and probably predates it.

The whetstone pictured is pierced so it can bw worn round the neck. They are very difficult to date as they did not change much but they would have been high status objects. Roelie covered it in her talk on trench 2 as it was associated with one of the skeletons she was involved in digging. We hope that when we come to look at all the evidence together, we will get some idea of its date.



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