Archaeology in East Oxford

Measuring the Chapel

A slight return to Bartlemas Chapel on Sunday last to do some additional work. When preparing my talk(ette) for  this Friday, I realized I would need a plan of the Chapel to clarify what I was talking about. A few emails later and it became clear that in all the rush to finish up by the deadline, we had completely forgotten to take any measurements of the outside of chapel (Graham and I had done some for the interior). This is important not just for my talk – could anything be more important? – but to act as a template into which we can drop all the scaled plans of the sectors around the chapel in Trench 1. As I’ve said before, it is surprisingly difficult to get an overall impression of the foundations, because the buttresses get in the way.

Gill and I turned up at 10:30 on Sunday to meet Graham, Steve and Christopher, who had agreed, at very short notice, to give us a hand. It was the first time Gill & I had seen the ‘restored’ landscape; it was very strange to see it with no trenches!

The actual work took no time at all as everyone knew what they were doing; the bit which took the longest were getting a right angle on the grid against which we took all the measurements as laying out 3:4:5 triangle was complicated by the chapel itself and the yews by the entrance. After we had that sorted we steamed ahead and soon all that was left to do was take some distances to the Temporary Bench Mark which had been left in place – this had been accurately positioned with the ‘Survey Grade’ GPS.

Steve and I then went back to the Archeox shed with all the tapes, etc which we had used, as well as all the gear that Steve had in his car from the test-pit which had been dug in the allotments next to the Chapel – keep an eye on the Archeox website for the report on that.

When we got home I then had to translate our rather rough site notes into something which could be scanned and emailed to the various interested parties as pencil really doesn’t scan (or photocopy) that well.


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