Archaeology in East Oxford

Finds Washing

It was fun on Tuesday.  We had a day washing finds from Bartlemas Chapel up at the Ark-T Centre.  It is always fun to see what emerges from the coating of soil.  There were bits of medieval pot, some lovely ‘Tudor Green Ware’ which was associated with one of the child skeletons we found, more clay pipes of an early (17th century) design and some glazed floor tile.

Hard at work in the Hall at Ark-T

Apart from the human skeletons, there were lots of animal bones – cattle, pigs, sheep or goats and rabbits.  As you start sorting these, you can’t help wonder who bred or bought these beasts, who looked after them or slaughtered them and who cooked them.  There are obvious cut and saw marks on some of them and some are carefully split in two so the marrow could be used.  Then some of the bones were carefully worked, sawn and smoothed to be made into what?  Handles for tools or knives perhaps, or gaming pieces.  We also probably  have pieces of the pots that were used to cook them.



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